You want your own Surf-Station?

Surf Days is an inflatable Surf Station wich makes Surf Feeling accessable for almost anyone.


It`s a Pop-Up Solution creating value when you need it. You can store our System in a 20ft. Container easily.


We create fun to watersports enthusiasts to catch a wave right in the center of a city. Also beginner or spontaneous walk bye clients experience the feeling, what it means to surf.


In slots lasting 30 minutes a maximum of 5 participants share the machine one after each other. Everybody can ask the coach and get valuable hints "how to". The Surf-Days are for everyone.


The installation requires ground space by 7x13,5 meter (pool) with a singular water filling of 40 cbm. The pumps require 3 x CEE plugs each 32 ampere.


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The system of an "swimming inflated wave" and its realization is protected by a registered design.

Also the hydrodynamic construction of the diffusor and further rights are internationally patented.

Surf-Days is a registered wordmark for the categories 25, 28 and 41 internationally.


You can access the wave as follows:

  • as an event for 4-10 operating days incl. operating the machine via Brand Guides 
  • up to 3 months for your own operations or
  • purchase

we are happy to serve you


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